DocumentGeneral Description
Revocable TrustYour Revocable Trust for husband, wife and children. This Revocable Trust contains a Disclaimer Trust which is used for estate tax planning purposes. The trust holds your estate for the benefit of your children and distributes their respective shares one-half upon each reaching age 25 and the other half upon reaching age 30.
Self Proving Certificate of TrustDeclares the Revocable Trust to be in existence.
Certificate of TrustCertificate that can be presented to banks, financial institutions, financial planners and investment advisors, and/or life insurance agents proving the existence of the trust without having to actually show them the trust itself.
Assignment & Bill of SaleTransfers all personal property (untitled) to the trust.
Comprehensive Transfer DocumentA ‘catch all’ document setting forth your desire to transfer everything you own to your Revocable Trust.
Pour Over Wills for Both SpousesWills designed to catch assets that were inadvertently not placed in the trust and requests that the probate court transfer such assets to the Revocable Trust.
Marital/Community Property AgreementArizona, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. Has the effect of classifying all marital assets as community/marital property. Great care should be exercised in using this document as there may be instances where such a classification is not desired.
General Durable Power of Attorney for Both SpousesA general durable power of attorney for financial affairs allows you to appoint an agent (typically referred to as an “attorney-in-fact”) to make your financial decisions for you if you are incapable of making them for yourself. The power of attorney is designed to avoid the expense and time delay involved in petitioning the court for the appointment of a guardian. It also allows you to appoint a guardian of your choice in the event that a court appointment becomes necessary.
General Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care for Both SpousesA durable medical power of attorney (also referred to as a durable health care power of attorney or an advance directive) allows you to appoint an agent to make your medical decisions for you if your incapable of making them for yourself. You can give your agent instructions as to what type of medical care you want or do not want, including the authority to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining procedures, if you so desire. Without a properly drafted and signed durable medical power of attorney your spouse and/or children may not be able to control your medical care.
Letters of Instruction Requesting that Certain Assets be Re-titled in the Name of the Trust.It is imperative that all your assets, especially the probatable ones, have their ownership transferred to the Revocable Trust. Because of this importance, your Revocable Trust package includes over 14 different types of letters and instructional requests that you may sign and present to you bank, financial planner, insurance agent and the like such that your assets will be properly re-titled.
Revocable Trust Estate Planning E-Book.Your Revocable Trust package includes an e-book with step by step instructions as to how to create your Revocable Trust estate plan. The system uses Microsoft Word and is an automated process. All you need to do is fill out a template and press a button. The software does the rest.