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Confidential Information Form Confidentiality Contract

Confidentiality Agreement Forms – Our Confidential Information and Nondisclosure Agreement law forms package includes over 30 documents to help you protect your proprietary information. You get a number of Nondisclosure and Confidentiality Agreement Templates, covering a variety of different business relationships. Additionally, the package includes several Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements, waivers, employee agreements with emphasis on proprietary rights protection and more. See the complete contents listing below.

30 Confidentiality Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement Legal Forms Templates
Confidentiality Agreement Legal Forms

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Confidentiality Agreement Complete Contents Listing

  • Company Directions and Guidelines Use of Confidentiality Agreements And Protections of Confidential Information
  • Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement – General Form
  • Confidential Information Nondisclosure Agreement
  • Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement Discussions Regarding Possible Business Acquisition or Business Combination
  • Confidential Information Nondisclosure Agreement To Enter With Vendor
  • Idea Submission Agreement – Confidential Information For Submitted Idea – Favors Submitting Party
  • Idea Submission – Favors Company Receiving Submitted Idea
  • Short Form Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement
  • Confidentiality Agreement – With Software Developer
  • Confidentiality Agreement For Web Design Services
  • Confidentiality Agreement Among Organizers of Medical Company
  • Confidentiality Agreement Among Organizers of a General Corporation
  • Confidential Information Agreement By Potential Investor In Corporation
  • Confidentiality Agreement To Be Entered With A Web Developer – Includes Non-Solicitation Provision
  • Consent To Disclosure of Confidential Information
  • Consent To Disclosure of Contract
  • Confidentiality Acknowledgment Corporate Advisory Committee Member
  • Confidentiality Clause To Be Inserted In Consulting Contract
  • Non-Compete Agreement After Sale of Business
  • Non Compete Agreement Following Business Purchase
  • Non Competition After Business Sale – Alternative Form
  • Employment and Proprietary Rights Protection
  • Employee Non Competition, Confidentiality and Non Solicitation Agreement
  • Employment Agreement For “At Will” Employee With Strong Confidentiality Provisions
  • Fixed Term Employment Agreement With Strong Confidentiality Provisions
  • Employee Acknowledgment of Employer’s Proprietary Rights
  • Terminated Employee Acknowledgment of Employer’s Proprietary Rights
  • Employee’s Certification That Employer Owns All Proprietary Rights – Covers Joint Authorship Situations
  • Employee Termination – Return of Property Including Confidential Information
  • Employment Agreement For “At Will” Employee With Strong Confidentiality Provisions
  • Executive Employment Agreement With Confidentiality Covenants

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