The Leasing Legal Forms Document Package contains over 120 legal documents. The package contains a variety of commercial and residential leases and ancillary documents that are generally used by companies and individuals operating in the real estate leasing sector.

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The complete contents listing is as follows.

1Long Form Residential Lease With Purchase OptionResidentialLeaseOptionLongForm.rtf
2Long Form Residential Lease AgreementResidentialLeaseLongForm.rtf
3Gross Lease Store Front Shopping CenterLeaseGrossShoppingCenter.rtf
4Commercial Building LeaseCommercialBuildingLease.rtf
5Residential Lease With Purchase OptionResidentialLeaseOption.rtf
6Executive Office Suite LeaseExecutiveSuiteLease.rtf
7Office Center LeaseOfficeSuiteLease.rtf
8Gross Lease Shopping Center SpaceGrossLeaseShoppingCenter.rtf
9Residential LeaseResidentialLease.rtf
10Residential Lease With Purchase Option 2ResidentialLeaseOption2.rtf
11Residential Lease w/Option and Termination RightsResidentialLeaseOptionTerminate.rtf
12Office Building Lease AgreementOfficeBuildingLease.rtf
13Short Form General Commercial LeaseCommercialLeaseShort.rtf
14Long Form Commercial Sublease With CAMSubleaseCommercialLongForm.rtf
15Commercial Sublease – Gross RentSubleaseGrossRent.rtf
16Letter of Intent To LeaseLetterIntentLease.rtf
17Office Building Rules and RegulationsOfficeRegulations.rtf
18Office Tower Rules And Regulations 2OfficeTowerRules.rtf
19Building Rules and Regulations (Alternative Form)BuildingRegulations.rtf
21Assignment and Assumption of LeaseLeaseAssignment.rtf
22Assumption of Lease AgreementAssumptionLease.rtf
23Landlord’s Consent To SubleaseSubleaseConsent.rtf
24Lease Assignment, Assumption, ConsentLeaseAssignment2.rtf
25Lease Guaranty – TermLeaseGuaranty.rtf
26Lease Guaranty Agreement (Alternative Form)LeaseGuaranty2.rtf
273rd Addendum To LeaseLeaseAddendum3.rtf
28Lease Cancellation Prior To PossessionLeaseCancellation1.rtf
29Cleaning Services AgreementCleaningContractor.rtf
30Management Agreement Of Leased Back Shopping CenterManagementPropertyLeaseback.rtf
31Janitorial Services Description of ServicesJanitorialServicesDescription.rtf
32Facilities Management AgreementFacilityManagementDataCenter.rtf
33Commercial Real Estate Management AgreementCommercialManagement.rtf
34Warranty of Roofing Work Performed on PropertyWarrantyRoof.rtf
35Warranty of General Work Performed on PropertyWarrantyGeneralWork.rtf
36Detailed Beneficial Easement AgreementEasementDetailed.rtf
37Personal Easement DeclarationEasementPersonal.rtf
38Sewer Easement AgreementEasementSewer.rtf
39Consent By Easement Holder To Crossing of EasementEasementCrossingConsent.rtf
40Amendment To EasementEasementAmendment.rtf
41Real Estate Purchase/LeasebackPurchaseLeaseback.rtf
42Second Mortgage W/LeasebackSecondMortgageLeaseback.rtf
43First Mortgage On Real EstateFirstMortgageShortForm.rtf
44Property Leaseback AgreementPropertyLeaseback.rtf
45Non Recourse MortgageNonRecourseMortgage.rtf
46Standby Letter of CreditCreditLetter.rtf
47Promissory Note For DownpaymentNoteDownpayment.rtf
48Short Form Second MortgageSecondMortgageShortForm.rtf
49Promissory Note Referencing Mortgage On PropertyPrommisoryNoteMortgage.rtf
50Quit Claim DeedQuitClaimDeed.rtf
51Affidavit of Property SellerSellerAffidavit.rtf
52Amendment To Land ContractLandContractAmendment.rtf
53Tenant Estoppel CertificateTenantEstoppelCertificate.rtf
54Request for copy of Credit ReportCreditReportRequest.rtf
55Apartment Condition ChecklistApartmentChecklist.rtf
56Letter To Tenants – Proof of InsuranceTenantLetterInsurance.rtf
57Tenant Attornement and Nondisturbance AgreementTenantNondisturbance.rtf
58Landlord/Tenant Mutual ReleaseMutualRelease.rtf
593 Day Notice of Eviction3DayEviction.rtf
605 Day Notice of Eviction5DayEviction.rtf
617 Day Notice of Eviction7DayEviction.rtf
6230 Day Notice of Eviction30DayEviction.rtf
63Landlord Tenant Lawsuit Release AgreementReleaseLawsuit.rtf
643 Day Notice of Eviction3DayEviction.rtf
65Corporate Resolution To Buy Real EstateCorporateResolutionPurchase.rtf
66Appointment of Power of Attorney For Real EstatePowerAttorneyRealEstate.rtf
67Sub Lease of a Sublease AgreementSubSubLease.rtf
 Option To Extend Lease Term LanguageLeaseExtensionOptionLanguage.rtf
68Agreement On Lease Commencement and Square FootageLeaseCommencementAgreement.rtf
69Agreement Regarding Premises ConstructionLeaseBuildoutWorkAgreement.rtf
70Official Notice and Call To Annual Shareholders Meeting00-1.rtf
71Waiver of Notice And Formalities of Annual Shareholders Meeting00-2.rtf
72Shareholder Annual Meeting Minutes – By Written Consent00-3.rtf
73Guide For Annual Meeting of the Shareholders  00-4.rtf
74Minutes of Annual Shareholder Meeting00-5.rtf
75Official Notice and Call To Annual Directors Meeting00-6.rtf
76Waiver of Notice And Formalities of Annual Directors Meeting00-7.rtf
77Directors Annual Meeting Minutes – By Written Consent00-8.rtf
78Guide For Annual Meeting of the Shareholders – Directors00-9.rtf
79Minutes of Annual Directors Meeting00-10.rtf
80Official Notice and Call To Special Shareholders Meeting00-11.rtf
81Waiver of Notice And Formalities of Special Shareholders Meeting00-12.rtf
82Minutes of Special Shareholder Meeting00-13.rtf
83Official Notice and Call To Special Directors Meeting00-16.rtf
84Waiver of Notice And Formalities of Special Directors Meeting00-17.rtf
85Minutes of Special Directors Meeting00-18.rtf
86Meeting Minutes Special Meeting of Directors00-19.rtf
87Formal Director Acceptance of Board Position00-21.rtf
88Formal Acceptance of Officer Position00-22.rtf
89Affidavit of Mailing Notice of Shareholder Meeting00-23.rtf
90Affidavit of Mailing Notice of Director Meeting00-24.rtf
91Shareholder Ballot Election of Directors00-25.rtf
92Secretary Certificate of Corporate Action00-26.rtf
93Secretary Certificate of Shareholder Action Electing Directors00-27.rtf
94Certified Roster of Shareholder00-28.rtf
95Employment Agreement – Salaried Executive03-1.rtf
96Employee Proprietary Rights Acknowledgement03-2.rtf
97Employment Agreement For At Will Employee03-3.rtf
98Employment Agreement For Top Management03-4.rtf
99Confidential Information Agreement04-1.rtf
100Confidentiality Clause04-2.rtf
101General Consulting Agreement05-1.rtf
102General Promissory Note06-1.rtf
103Security Agreement06-2.rtf
104Stock Subscription Agreement09-1.rtf
105Joinder To Shareholder Agreement09-2.rtf
106Corporation Dissolution Articles10-1.rtf
107Shareholders Action Dissolution10-2.rtf
108Directors Action Dissolution10-3.rtf
109Corporation Plan of Liquidation10-4.rtf
110Plan of Liquidation (Alternative)10-5.rtf
111Shareholders Minutes – Liquidation/Dissolution10-6.rtf
112Certificate of Secretary – Liquidation/Dissolution10-7.rtf
113Amended Articles – Name Change11-1.rtf
114Subchapter S Election Transmittal11-5.rtf
115Revocation of Sub S Election11-7.rtf
116Shareholder Consent To Sub S Election11-6.rtf
117Shareholder Consent To Revocation of Sub S Election11-8.rtf
118Shareholder Resolution – Asset Purchase12-1.rtf
119Directors Resolution- Asset Purchase12-2.rtf
120Directors Action – Use of Assumed Name12-3.rtf
121Resolution Approving Mortgage Financing12-4.rtf
Real Estate Leasing Legal Forms Package Content Listing
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