The Role of the Incorporator in Corporate Formation

Role Of The Incorporator

The Incorporator is the individual(s) who take responsibility for filing the Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of States and officially commencing the corporate existence. The Incorporator should assign any rights to the Corporation to the Directors or the owners of the Corporation as a corporate formality after the Corporation is formed of record.

It is not necessary for all shareholders or directors to act as incorporators. The incorporator can be any person.

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In order to maintain corporate formalities, each Minnesota corporation must adopt Bylaws. Bylaws govern the general governance and operation of the Minnesota corporation. Bylaws include items such as the number, qualification, duties, election and terms of directors and officers. Corporate Bylaws generally include other items such as election procedures, matters relating to corporate stock, and a host of other provisions.  Corporations are also required to maintain certain records such as organizational documents, share transfer records, meeting minutes and documentation of major corporate resolutions.  Corporations should maintain these items in a central location. Most corporations maintain these items in an organized corporate record book, also known as a corporate kit.

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